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October 2018 Barn Dance & Supper

Last month for the first time, Newquay Evangelical Church hosted a Barn dance! It was well attended with about 45 people, and about 10 that were not from our Church. It started out with a sit down and share Supper. Then everyone got on their feet to enjoy some dancing. After the dancing, Matthew spoke about how God is all knowing and sees everything, and no matter what we've done in our lives, God is just waiting for us to come and ask for His forgiveness.  We are hoping there will be another Barn Dance soon, so keep watch on our "What's On" page.

                                   barn dance supper   barn dance supper   barn dance supper

                   barn dance    barn dance

                                                                     Matthew Speaking

30.09.18 Harvest Service

 Pictured here is all the donations given during the Harvest service for the local Food bank.

harvest 2018

"Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness"  - 2 Corinthians 9:10 

June & July 2018 Baptisms

Throughout the Months of June and July, we had several Baptisms take place within our congregation. It great to see such strong witness for the Lord in our Church. We thank God for the lives of all who were baptised and pray that they continue walking closely with the Lord.   

First we had Alan, Gail and Roger on the 24th June 2018





Then on the 8th of July 2018 we had Finley and Jeff 




And last but not least, We had Steve on the 15th July 2018 Down at Gannel




17.06.2018 Father's Day 

For Father's Day this year, the Children got to show appreciation for their Dad and other Dads in the congregation by measuring out the ingredients for mug cakes along with making cards and handing out mugs that said Happy Father's Day!".  All of their children enjoyed putting together this fun gift for their Dads, and all the Dads in our congregation are probably looking forward to next year now!

The children making their cards

Mug Cakes and Cards

11.03.2018 Mother's Day 

This year on Mothers Day, the Children came out during the service to decorate cupcakes and make cards for their Mums  and other Mums in the congregation. The Children had a wonderful time decorating  and crafting and it was a lovely surprise for all the Mums. 

making cupcakes

finished cupcakes

August 2017 - A New Worship CD available
The ProdigalTwo members of our music group have produced a CD, "The Prodigal", which is available at a cost of £8.00. If you would like one, please ask someone at the church, or go online, where it is available on iTunes or Amazon Music.
(search in iTunes & Amazon Music for "SLOG The Prodigal")

August 2017 A birthday celebration!

Pat's 90thThe Church Family enjoyed sharing in the celebrations of Pat's 90th Birthday.  Pat has been a member of the church for many years. 

27.01.17 A New Look to ICE!!ICE

From Friday 27th January ICE, our 2 Youth Groups which meet on Friday evenings will be changing.  Before, the two groups ran consecutively from 7-8pm and 8-9pm.  The new order of things is that both groups will run from 7.00-8.30pm!....

17.07.2016 - A Baptism Service

Dave Kenna - Baptism promisesDave Kenna was baptised during our service on 17th July.  It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what the Lord has done in Dave's life over the past few years.  We pray he will experience a close walk with the Lord in the years ahead.

Dave Kenna - baptised

07.06.2016 - The Beacon of Light Centre

The Beacon of Light Centre will be closing temporarily whilst the Elders and members of the church consider the best way of using the Centre in the coming months.  We hope to be closed for as short as time as possible before reopening to provide a service to the community which we pray will benefit all who come in.  For more information, and for details of when post can be collected etc.  visit the Beacon of Light page.

09.05.2016 - Trenance Learning Academy visit the Harbour Mission

Trenance Learning Academy visit the Harbour MissionOn this day and later on in the week we were happy to welcome some pupils from Trenance Learning Academy to the Harbour Mission as part of their visit to Newquay Harbour.  They were full of interesting and unexpected questions and it was a pleasure to have them at the Harbour Mission.

16.08.2015 - A new lectern for the church!

New LecternA gift of a new lectern was made to the church, a much needed addition to the church furniture, having managed for some time with a rickety music stand!  One of our elders, Philip Wright, a furniture maker by trade, was commissioned by the donor to make the new lectern for the church.  Woods used include Black Walnut, Antique Pine, Maple, Tulip wood, and the cross is made from Tropical Bogwood.   

New Lectern

09.08.2015 - Helping at the Harbour Mission with the RNLI Day

RNLI DaySome members of the church enjoyed an afternoon down at Newquay Harbour, working in the Harbour Mission and supporting the RNLI Day.  The Harbour Master was given the duty of judging the best sandcastles, choosing some "happy winners"!!

05.07.2015 - A VISIT FROM THE KNUDSONS (Missionaries in Bolivia)

The KnudsonsWe enjoyed a visit from Paul, Christy, Abby, Caleb and Caitlin.  They brought us up to date with all there work in Bolivia and also brought two more visitors with them - Leonard and Judy Phelps (our previous minister - also Christy's parents!).

Paul Christy Judy and Leonard